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With other 30 years combined experience in process filtration and manufacturing of automated filtration plants, PTI PACIFIC is the global expert when it comes to the filtration and clarification of any beverage.

PTI PACIFIC manufactures turnkey plants to suit a variety of membrane or cartridge technologies for any project. From the largest processing or packaging facility to small family breweries and wineries, we have the solution for you.

Solutions including:

1302 Series 01

Automated backflush systems for high-quality filtration alternative to crossflow microfiltration, DE/Kieselguhr filtration or centrifuge technologies 

Turnkey automated cartridge filtration skids 

Automatic crossflow filtration systems for water and wine using premium polypropylene membrane technologies 

Multi-purpose technologies combining filtration and dissolved gas management 

World-beating back-washable filtration solutions for wine, beer, beverages and water

PTI PACIFIC has partnered with the world-leading filtration manufacturer, Sartorius to produce the PTI-1400 Series Automatic Back-washable Filtration solution for beverage producers.

This system which has been adopted by over 100 producers world-wide is the new solution to producers who desire the quality of gentle cartridge filtration and zero product, but want the technological advantages of a crossflow membrane filtration plant.

The answer is here.

Choice of filtration grades from 20 down to 0.45 micron

No heating of the wine

Significant energy saving compared to crossflow filtration

Protects organoleptic qualities compared to DE/Kieselguhr or crossflow filtration

Low pressure process

No continuous recirculation of wine through pumps or frequent backflushing

No loss of product, backwashing performed using water

1300 Series - Automatic Filtration Machines

Utilising the ground-breaking Sartorius Jumbo filter cartridge, the 1300 Series machine is offered in a Semi-Auto or Fully-Auto arrangement for consistent filtration.

The Jumbo filtration cartridge filters wine in a forward direction with differential pressure monitoring and control. When the filter cartridge begins to become clogged, the machine automatically empties the machine of the filtered product and back-washes with water before re-introducing the wine or beverage. No more continuous recirculation or constant back-washing with product which can be detrimental to the product quality. No more aggressive centrifuges with their expensive maintenance requirements and limiting performance.

From the largest factories to the smallest craft brewers, the The 1300 Series Automatic Filtration Machine with Jumbo cartridges is the answer for every filtration application.


Jumbo Star - Backwashable Filtration Solution from Sartorius

The pleating technology allows a large filtration area for a high-flow rate and large retention capacity. Each pleat has a different length to allow more efficient back-flushing compared to standard filter cartridges.

Features include:

  • High filtration area 28 m2(40”)
  • High filtration capacity
  • High flow rate
  • The internal diameter of the cartridge of DN 100
  • The robust housing design can withstand significantly higher flow rates when back-flushing compared to standard cartridges
  • High resistance to differential pressure up to 4 bar | 58 psi at 20°C (68°F)
  • High temperature resistance (steam sterilisable)
  • Wide chemical compatibility for Jumbo Star filters


Jumbo - Sartopure® PP

100% polypropylene media

Up to 6-layers of pleated for maximum contaminant removal

Filtration area: 28 m2 per 40-inch cartridge

Available retention ratings: 20 µm, 8 µm 5 µm, 3 µm, 1.2 µm 0.65 µm,  0.45 µm

Jumbo - Sartopure® GF+

Glass-Fibre Fleeces

Up to 5-layers (thicker media for enhanced dirt-holding and maximum service life)

Filtration area: 20 m2 per 40-inch cartridge

Available retention ratings: 1.2 µm & 0.65 µm

Jumbo - Sartoclean® SC

Multi-layer Media with Glass-fibre + Cellulose

Up to 6-layers (specific adsorptive media to reduce clogging index and haze reduction )

Filtration area: 24 m2 per 40-inch cartridge

Available retention ratings: 1.2 µm & 3.0 µm

Low-Shear Wine Crossflow Filtration

Premium hollow-fibre solutions for automated filtration of wine and beverages


The 900 Series wine crossflow filter offers the highest quality of filtration results with low-shear technology that maximises wine filtration performance and flow capacity without damaging impeller and pipework shear caused by lesser quality engineering design and pump specification.


  • 700 - 20,000 L/hr filtration ranges
  • Automatic integrity testing
  • 12-inch colour touch panel and PLC
  • 3 off filtration to choose modes (Gentle/Standard/High-flow)
  • Sanitary feed pump
  • Sanitary low-shear loop (filtration) pump
  • Sanitary backflush pump – all pumps with variable speed drives
  • Sanitary stainless steel construction (Australian made)
  • Integrated CIP (Clean in Place) tank with level sensors and automated chemical dosing
  • Sanitary pressure, temperature and flow sensors
  • Lockable wheels and forklift pockets and additional tie-down points (for mobile filtration)
  • Air-actuated butterfly valves
  • 100% polypropylene hollow-fibre membranes with stainless steel housings (lowest colour retention of all polymer membrane types)
  • Premium high-temp (70oC) PP membranes


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