Degassing & non-condensable gas removal

PTI Pacific are Australia’s experts in degassing and the removal of non-condensable gases in medical and pharmaceutical applications.


We offer the cleanest and most energy efficient way of dripping unwanted dissolved gases from water and process liquids with our own patented engineered and manufactured technologies.

We have patented Memcell™ machines with a full maintenance and rental program suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical service providers. In addition to this, PTI PACIFIC can work with you for customised and plant integrated systems to meet any demands.

Specialists in non-condensable gas removal


What are Non-Condensable Gases?

Non-Condensable Gases (NCG) are commonly occurring gases including oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide which inhibit the ability to consistently sterilise equipment and instruments. As Australia’s leading specialist in removal of dissolved gases, we have discovered that most of the NCG problems are caused by dissolved oxygen in water feeding the sterilising equipment which is picked up from the atmosphere, or due to leaks in pumps and plumbing.

Why are Non-Condensable Gases a problem?

Studies have shown that up to 40% of medical instruments are insufficiently sterilised due to the presence of NCG’s.

Oxygen is everywhere, in fact it makes up approximately 21% of all of our atmospheric air and is the most crucial gas for life on earth. Oxygen is very easily dissolved into water and it is released naturally when water is heated, thus presenting problems when creating sterilisation steam. When the water is converted into steam, NCG’s work against the steriliser by creating insulation pockets or layers within the steriliser, affecting the heat transfer and causing failures and non-conformance to sterilisation standards. Of greatest risk are items with a porous structure or Minimally Invasive Surgical instruments (MIS) such as a catheter or tubing.

How does it work?

Just as our bodies, via our lungs, are able to add or remove gases from air or our blood, we have mechanised the process through specialist membrane technology. We have combined the use of high-tech controls and dissolved gas measurement technology with our Memcell NCG removing membrane cells to draw unwanted gases from the water before they reach the steriliser. We offer the cleanest, simplest and most environmentally sound option for the removal of NCG on the market.

What will the Memcell technology do for your sterilisation department?

The Memcell range of machines are compliance devices that strip NCG’s from the water before it is turned into sterilisation steam. Our systems can remove up to 99.9% of all dissolved NCG’s from water in a single pass, and are installed directly before a steriliser or at the feed water inlet to your Central Sterilisation Department.

Memcell NCG machine models:
Model Min. Flow (lpm) Max. Flow (lpm) NCG Removal Dimensions (cm) Power
Memcell-Micro 1.6 5 >90% 45x45x60 0.6kw (1.0A)
Memcell-Noble 8.5 15 >90% 60x60x165 1.1kw (2.0A)
Memcell-Quantum 15 33 >90% 60x60x165 2.2kw (3.0A)


Compliance: NCG’s pose one of the greatest risk of non-compliance to the EN285:2015 sterilisation standard.

Clean Systems: Highest quality Australian made machines to reduce the risk of microbial contamination, and are designed to operate in cleanroom environments.

Chemical-free Service: For the highest performance, our NCG Membrane Cells require routine maintenance using aggressive, corrosive and flammable chemicals. This is precisely why we do all treatment and testing offsite in our specialist facility rather than onsite.

Quality Guarantee: All NCG Membranes come with a certificate of performance showing the NCG removal efficiency before being installed.

No-Worries Servicing: We warrant all components in our machines for the first 12 months and the Membrane Cells for the life of your machine, no worries!

No Steriliser downtime: As we take care of the core maintenance offsite, there’s virtually no downtime to schedule. We need about 20 mins for a minor service and 60 mins for a major service, so you can get back to doing what’s most important; keeping your patients safe.

Get what you pay for: All service parts, offsite cleaning and technical support is included in the monthly rental price of the machine. There are no hidden costs, annual price increases or unexpected parts to replace. The monthly operating price is genuinely the monthly operating cost.

Need more information?

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