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PTI Pacific is a 100% Australian owned company with over 10 years’ experience in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical industries. We specialise in the manufacture and distribution a broad range of machines and technologies for critical applications.

We Engineer, We manufacture

PTI PACIFIC is a specialist engineering and manufacturing company specialising in machine technologies for automating processes involving carbonation, dissolved gas management of wine, water and beer plus automated filtration systems.

In addition to our own machines, PTI PACIFIC partners with some of the world best brands to provide complete end-to-end solution for automated liquid processing and packaging needs.


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Experts in the management of dissolved gas in beverages

PTI PACIFIC is the leader in the management of dissolved gases in beverages and water with a complete range of machines designed for inline carbonation in addition to the removal and control of other gases such as CO2, N2, other Volatile Organic Compounds and even alcohol. We have experience like no other in this area

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Specialist Control & Monitoring

We have partnered with some of the world-leaders in process and laboratory monitoring equipment including Anton Parr, ACM and Polestar Technologies.

We can accurately measure and control critical parameters needed for reliable and consistent beverage production with high-tech equipment. Such measurements can include Carbonated and Dissolved CO2, Optical O2, BRIX, PLATO, Alcohol and pH

In addition to single-function sensors and meters, PTI PACIFIC has the ability to supply complete measurement terminals for large production facilities requiring multiple parameter measurement and total automation integration.

Bottling, Canning & Packaging Specialists

With the capability of supplying single components or a complete turnkey plan, PTI PACIFIC is your partner for any size bottling and packaging project. We work with leading manufacturers from all over the world and combine this with our own experience in the packaging world to offer a service solution like no other. Whilst other companies are selling equipment from catalogues, PTI PACIFIC is investing in engineers and project and quality management specialist to not just supply high quality machines, but a turnkey business solution that actually works. We walk away from every project knowing that we offer the most comprehensive package of any company.

We have genuine care from the first meeting until well after the equipment is installed, that’s the real difference.

Solutions include:

Bottling rinsing, filling & closure machines

Premium canning equipment

Palletising, de-palletising and handling equipment

Keg filling & cleaning


Cleaning & sterilisation solutions

modern water treatment system for industrial boiler

Filtration & Purification

With a combined 14 years’ experience in process filtration we are your first choice for liquid and air treatment. PTI Pacific is the exclusive partner of Sartorius Stedim and their premium filter cartridges and membrane technologies. We can supply or design any system needed to total control of particulates or microbiological contamination sources in the beverage industry.

We are membrane specialists and local meaning that we’re more than just filters and cartridges. PTI PACIFIC builds a range of filtration and purification technologies including Reverse Osmosis for wine and beverage adjustment and turnkey automated microfiltration and crossflow filtration plants.

Our water treatment division can service any new or existing filter plant. Our water treatment solutions include sand, carbon and media filtration, membrane filtration and purification plus UV and ozone disinfection.

Shelf-life Extension & Antimicrobial Processing Aids

PTI PACIFIC has a long standing partnership with Foodcare Technologies (Belgium) and their Foodcare range of antimicrobial and shelf-life extension processing aids.

These naturally derived powder Processing Aids are designed to respect the flavour and integrity of the fresh or cut fruit and vegetable, or beverage and food product produced.

Their specialist natural aids allow producers to control bacteria, yeast and mould as well as maintaining flavour and freshness in a variety of applications

Beverages, sauces, jams, dips & similar food products

Microbial stabilisation of beverages and foods naturally with Foodcare AMB. This powder processing aid precent cell reproduction by physically effecting the membrane and cytoplasm of the spoilage organism resulting in a longer lasting and more profitable ‘clean label’ beverage or food without having to resort to preservatives.

Cut vegetables, salads & fruits

Clean-label processing aids for maintaining freshness and integrity after the cutting and processing of fruits, vegetables and salads. A range of products are available to control microbial contaminants as well as prevent pinking, browning and other enzymatic reactions caused during processing. Also available is a specialist product for the protection of processed potatoes to extend the life and minimise the accumulation of harmful acrylamide build up during roasting, frying and baking.

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