Bottling, Canning & Packaging Solutions

We offer complete bottling, canning and packaging solutions from some of the worlds leading manufacturers. We are not just a supplier of equipment, we have offer an end-to-end solution for all of our projects and backed by our experienced engineering and project management team.

Our service

Our experienced team will step through the project with you from the start. Where we differ from the rest, we don’t just install machines and run, we offer each of our clients the Complete Training and SOP Package. This package is a comprehensive training program which is conducted even before your equipment has arrived. The program includes:

Bottling and packaging overview training session for all staff and management (1-2 days).

Hands-on start-up, sterilisation and bottling training program where staff undertake trained on working filling equipment in an actual bottling facility in preparation for receiving the new equipment (1-2 days) .

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) training where we step you through the required SOP for the equipment including production templates and manuals (1-2 days).

Onsite training and SOP training on your own equipment, this is conducted in addition to the commissioning process (1-3 days).


Why do we offer this service? We do it because taking the step to in-house packaging can be a far greater step than many believe. Implementing SOP’s well after a machine is installed can often be very difficult and it’s too often seen that bad habits have crept in by that time. With comprehensive training and SOP development with our clients from day one equates to much faster adoption of the technology and a much faster return on investment.

PTI Pacific Bottling & Packaging

Bottling rinsing, filling & closure machines

Premium stainless steel automatic filling and capping equipment from the world’s leading manufactures.

Monoblock or stand-alone equipment stations.

Water or gas bottling rinsing.

Volumetric and high-viscosity filling machines.

Still and carbonated beverage filling.

Specialist Low-oxygen filling technologies for O2 sensitive products such as beer and wine.

Glass and PET filling machines.

Manual and automatic depalletisation and palletisation technologies.

Cork, screw cap or crown seal closure system.

Premium canning equipment

Stainless steel automatic carbonated/nitrogenated canning systems with rotary isobaric and purge-filling technologies.

USA or German manufactured inline purge-filling or counter-pressure systems.

Manual and semi-auto purge/ filling systems from 8-12 cans per minute.

Automatic inline purge/ filling systems up to 88 cans per minute.

Multi-function all-in-one canning and bottling machines.


Keg filling & cleaning

Premium stainless steel manual and automatic keg filling, cleaning and sterilising equipment from premium Austrian manufacturers.

Keg filling.

Internal and external cleaning and sterilisation.

Standard, party and large-bottle filling.

Microbreweries up to 200L.

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PTI Pacific Bottling & Packaging


Linear Self-adhesive and hot-glue labelling systems.

High-speed and rotary labelling systems.

Manual adjustment and full PLC integrated systems.

Optical inspection.

Inkjet and laser coding and printing.

CIP & cleaning technologies

Custom and turnkey hot water and steam sterilisation equipment.

Sterilisation and anti-microbial management systems.

Water filtration and disinfection.

Installation and servicing.

PTI Pacific Bottling & Packaging

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