Inline beverage carbonation & dissolved gas management

The membrane technology specialists

PTI Pacific are specialists in membrane technologies and most notably the use of hydrophobic membrane contactors for the application of inline carbonation (Molecular Carbonation) and water or beverage degassing. Combined with our experience with inline monitoring and control systems makes us the perfect solutions partner.

Our engineering expertise can manage any project large or small as a stand-alone machine or integrated package. Applications include:

Inline or batch carbonation of wine, beer, water and beverages.

Inline Nitrogenation of beer, coffee and other beverages.

Wine Gas Management for the addition or removal of carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and alcohol.

Deaeration of push, blending, dilution and centrifuge water in breweries and beverages.


Boiler corrosion protection.


Molecular carbonation, decarbonation & nitrogenation

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen impact product taste, mouthfeel and appearance. PTI’s specialist machines provide a bubble-free in-line solution that can rapidly infuse gases to water, beer and wine with precision and predictability. Applying this advanced membrane-based science with our user-friendly Touch-Panel interface, integration and WIFI-enabled systems, can help increase operating efficiency and reduce guesswork while maintaining or improving product quality, consistency and stability.

Liqui-Cel membrane contactors can also be used to decarbonate wine and beer to achieve desired taste and texture.

Why choose Molecular Carbonation over traditional methods?

Molecular Carbonation offers previously unseen benefits, not only is this unique method more flexible and energy efficient but it’s produces the highest quality carbonation by offering more uniform bubbles, increased stability and greater mouthfeel.

Flexible carbonation temperatures (up to 15oC).

Up to 60% less CO2 used compared to traditional inline systems.

High quality microbubbles rather than coarse and aggressive inferior bubbles.


Oxygen in wine and beer accelerates spoilage and shortens shelf life. PTI PACIFIC manufactures world-class machines can reduceO2 in wine and its impact on aroma and taste without using chemicals. In brewing, deoxygenated water is best used for diluting beer concentrate, pushing water, and centrifuge seal water to prevent oxygen pick-up and protect product quality.

The INTEGRA range of Inline Gas Management Technologies will add value, enhance quality and reduce costs in your process today.

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