Laboratory & New Product Development (NPD) Devices

Benchtop Molecular Carbonation + Counter-Pressure Bottle/Can Filling

PTI-1400 Series are the ultimate devices for benchtop carbonation and filling for samples and NPD.
Create presentation ready samples of carbonated beverages in minutes with this simple to use device. 

Test different flavour combinations, requiring as little as 1 litre of product

  • Does a sales rep need just a couple of bottles for a customer tasting? No problem, the 1400 Series NPD carbonator and filler can do this in minutes
  • Want to know what the product will taste like with a light spritz vs high-carbonation? No problem, with a turn of a dial you're testing a variety of carbonation levels for each bottle sample
  • Molecular carbonation module for premium and precise carbonation
  • Inbuilt pump with speed adjustment
  • Integrated 1.0 micron pre-filtration capsule, 0.45 micron Sterile Pre-filtration module (other sizes available upon request)
  • Integrated Counter-Pressure bottle filler
  • Adjustable carbonation concentrations from 2 – 10 g/L CO2
  • Light-weight design, very portable
  • Perfect for samples & New Product Development (NPD)
  • No electricity required for excellent portability
  • Bottle pre-gassing/counter-pressure for consistent carbonation and low dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Extremely simple to operate


NPD Carbonator



CO2 measuring instrument LAB.CO for the non-destructive, highly accurate determination of the CO2 content in closed glass and PET bottles.


  • Very easy handling, as the glass and PET bottles are only inserted into one adapter, therefore no handling error is possible
  • Very fast measurement time, less than 1 minute
  • Non-destructive method, the bottle is returned to production after measurement, no piercing necessary; temperature measurement by means of laser technology contact-free;- Very simple calibration procedure. Inspection of original containers during series tests, for long-term tests of shelf life the measurement is always carried out with the same bottle
  • No foreign gas influence, because of selective laser technology
  • No wear costs, as nothing moves; no foreign gases, no seals, no shaking during measurement, no filling of measuring chambers, no impellers
  • Very simple calibration procedure



Measuring range:              0 - 10 vol. / 0 - 20 g / l CO2
Measuring accuracy:       +/- 0.025 Vol. / 0.05 g/l
Measuring time:                less than 1 minute
Display resolution:           0.01
Data interface:                  for ACM QUATROL systems; all common interfaces possible
Power supply:                  24 VDC, 1.5 A
Dimensions:                     D = 32 cm, H = 56 cm
Weight:                              8.20 kg


Glass or PET Bottles 

Measures through the headspace of the bottle

Test capping torque and application performance 

Measurement in < 1 minute

No loss of CO2 from piercing or removing of the closure

Reduce waste, return tested bottles onto the line

Non-destructive CO2 measurement

Lightweight & Portable

Measurement can be taken no the line, no need to lose time taking samples back to the laboratory

Variety of CO2 calculation methods

Regularly check quality of closures of a single bottle 

Maintenance & Calibration Free



LAB.N2 determines non-destructively and accurately pressures in containers of non-carbonated beverages with nitrogen flashover in glass and PET bottles, such as in juices, water or still wines. Long-term tests on one and the same sample are now possible. Bottles with sport caps can also be measured. There is no need to dispose of the samples. Normally usual according to invasive manometric methods



  • No moving parts, maintenance-free
  • Extremely fast, easy handling
  • Loss-free measurement of the sample!


Measuring range:          0-3 bar
Measuring accuracy:    +/- 0.05 bar
Reproducibility:            +/- 0,02 bar
Measurement results: within 1 minute
Data interface:              to ACM QUATROL systems
Power supply:              24 VDC, 1.5 A
Dimensions:                 D = 32 cm, H = 56 cm
Weight:                          8.20 kg


PET bottles

Maintenance Free

Retest the same bottle repeatedly to check loss of N2 through closure

Measurement in < 1 minute

Simple Calibration & Testing 

Test torque from closure application

Non-destructive measurement

No wasted product from sampling

Over 1000 installations worldwide

Highly accurate measurement

Measurement without removing or piercing the closure



The bottle shaker LAB.SHAKE is an overhead turning device for glass and PET bottles of the beverage industry.

The LAB.SHAKE serves for sample preparation for the Laboratory CO2-Meter LAB.CO and guarantees that the CO2 content in the headspace and in the liquid phase are balanced at the time of CO2 determination. The overhead turning movement with its assigned number and velocity makes it possible.

Before starting the device the bottle is placed and fixed in the appropriate holder. For glass bottles a closed holder has been constructed to provide shatter protection in case of breaking glass.

By moisture-resistant capacitive keys the number of turns and the velocity can be adjusted and the device is started. Velocity and remaining turns are shown in a display. The LAB.SHK stands out because of its very simple operation.

Decontamination & long-term storage

NATRApHASE® FVS is a post-harvest vegetable decontaminant synergistically blended using FSANZ, EU and FDA approved, GRAS status, label friendly, processing aid ensuring long-term protection against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, yeast and mould and Extended Shelf Life of packed and/or processed Fresh Vegetable snacks and Vegetable Salads without affecting the original taste, colour and texture of your food products. The product is extremely effective when applied to Fresh Post-harvest whole un-cut vegetables with high organic/biofilm loadings

Landscape view of a freshly growing cabbage field.
Anti-browning & anti-microbial

NATRApHASE® ABAV is an Anti-Browning and “Anti- After-cooking Darkening” Processing Aid for Fresh Vegetable Snacks and Vegetable Salads and designed to protect against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, yeast and mould contamination. Examples of such enzymic browning include:








NATRApHASE® ABAV also prevents “white blush and dehydration” in carrots, enabling a longer shelf life without affecting the organoleptic and sensory properties with no loss of nutritional value.

Lettuce & mixed leaf salads

NATRApHASE® ABS 600 is a white fine granular powder anti-browning, anti-pinking processing aid. A blend of label friendly fruit acidulants, which have been synergistically blended to delay enzymatic browning and pinking, facilitating a longer shelf life without affecting the organoleptic and sensory properties with no loss of nutritional value and designed to protect against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, yeast and mould contamination.

NATRApHASE® ABS 600 can facilitate a longer shelf life without affecting the organoleptic and sensory properties with no loss of nutritional value. Varieties of Lettuce include:



Cos / Romaine

Chinese cabbage

Red oak


Little gem


Red chard

Bulls blood

Batavia & mache (lambs lettuce)


Significantly improves the shelf life of freshly processed leafy salads.

Safe and simple to handle.

No fumes liberated, no bad odour facilitating a safer and healthier work environment.

Does not contain synthetic biocides or antibiotics.



Genuine Anti-microbial

Very soluble in water at low temperatures - 4°C

Contains no chlorine or phosphates



The monitoring of oxygen is of great importance in all areas of the brewing and soft drink industry. It can effect shelf life and taste. The OX.45 Pen is based on the luminescence method. Due to further development, no calibration and adjustment is necessary. The measuring time is very fast, an integrated temperature sensor compensates the result to 20°C.


Fits in the palm of your hand

Highly accurate and responsive

USB enabled for data logging

0 - 2.0 ppm/ppb resolution

Optical measurement technology

Suitable for water or any beverages

Long battery life

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