Sensing & Monitoring

Polestar DSP-4000

Non-Destructive Optical Measurement of O2, CO2 and pH

Polestar Tech are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end measurement systems. The DSP4000 monitor can measure any combination of up to 4 parameters of:

  • Oxygen (ppm or ppb)
  • CO2
  • pH (6-9)

Utilising optical measurement, the DSP is the safest and most accurate monitoring available and suitable for a laboratory or is rugged enough for plant installation. With automatic temperature and pressure compensation, the DSP4000 also includes the patented Automatic Gain Control (AGC) gives each sensor a boost to maximise the lifespan, allowing most sensors to exceed 1 million reads*.

All sensors are of rugged design and suitable for CIP and SIP processes (heat, steam, gamma) and importantly the sensors are of sanitary design, do not contain any glass probes, electrolyte solutions or electricity at the point of measurement making them the safest option for critical beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical or medial applications.

Sensors can be installed in static or inline processes via stainless steel probes or flanges or measurements can be read through clear materials such as glass utilising the iDOT Peel & Stick sensor technology.

*Sensor life is dependent on process conditions.

Polestar DSP-4000 features & accessories

Watch this video for a quick overview of the features and accessories of the Polestar DSP-4000. If you require further information, please download the Product Information Sheet or contact us for further details.

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