Sensing & Monitoring

PTI Pacific is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributer for Polestar Tech and ACM — both world leaders for precision measurement in liquid and atmospheric conditions.

Measuring equipment for °BRIX / %DIET, CO2, O2, °PLATO & alcohol

ACM Laser Refractometer LR.1x

Highly accurate CO2 independent inline/online °BRIX measurement.

Due to auto-adjusting laser light source and robust design lowest possible maintenance and calibration demand.

Measuring values without any averaging every second, best solution for phases separation and control purposes.

Inline or bypass-mounting.

Signal outlet 4-20 mA, PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet.

Applications, measuring ranges & accuracies

LR.10 0 - 30 °BRIX, +/- 0,005 °BRIX / 1 %DIET for lemonades, diet drinks, juices, or as °PLATO monitor from brewhouse to filling line.

LR.11 40 - 85 °BRIX, +/- 0,01 °BRIX; liquid sugar applications, on sugar dissolvers.

LR.13 0 - 78 °BRIX, +/- 0,01 °BRIX; Readymade syrups, liquid sugar applications.

ACM Laser Refractometer LR.14 PS

The LR.14 PS is optically and electronically based on the ACM Laser Refractometer LR.1x. It was developed for applications where quick response time on a change of the measured parameter is needed but not the highest possible accuracy is required, e.g. for separation of water and beverage/beer phases at push-out prior to filler start or flavour change.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

LR.14 0 - 75 °BRIX, +/- 0,15 °BRIX


ACM Laser Refractometer LR.15/16 TF

For monitoring of mixing processes in stirred tanks Mounting via ACM or Varivent tank flange adapter.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

LR.15 0 - 30 °BRIX, +/- 0,01 °BRIX

LR.16 0 - 75 °BRIX, +/- 0,02 °BRIX


ACM CO2 Meter CO.20

CO2 measurement in soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine, cider etc., based on the continuous ACM p,T-method; membrane principle.

Robust design: no moving parts, no carrier gas needed.

Inline or bypass mounting.

Measuring values every second, response time t90 < 5 sec.

CO2 values via 4-20 mA, PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

Measuring range: 0 - 10 Vol. resp. 0 - 20 g/l

Accuracy: +/- 0,03 Vol. resp. +/- 0,05 g/l


ACM CarboControl

For mixers and manual carbonators. The ACM CarboControl ensures that COimpregnation pressure is fully automatically controlled, and maintains the desired CO2 value exactly according to production settings.

Keeps the correct impregnation pressure at all times via regulating under pressure by surplus CO2 dosing.

Recognises over-pressure process situations immediately and avoids over-impregnation by actuating the blow out valve.

Impregnation pressure is fully automatically temperature compensated.

Assures a constant CO2 content in the beverage for all thinkable process situations.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

Pressurised air supply: 5 – 7 bar

CO2 pressure range: 0 – 10 bar

Temperature range: 0 – 100 °C

Control range CO2 (theor.): 0 – 10 g/l CO2

Control range CO2 (real): 1,2 – 10 g/l CO2


ACM O2 Meter OX.40

For highly accurate dissolved O2 determination in the brewing and beverage sector, further development of opto-chemical measuring principle.

Outstanding long run time.

Fast response time t90< 20 sec.

Factory-calibrated, almost drift-free.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

Measuring range 0-10 mg/l

Accuracy +/- 0,005 mg/l


Polestar DSP-4000

Non-Destructive Optical Measurement of O2, CO2 & pH

Polestar Tech are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end measurement systems. The DSP4000 monitor can measure any combination of up to 4 parameters of:

Oxygen (ppm or ppb).


pH (6-9).


Utilising optical measurement, the DSP is the safest and most accurate monitoring available and suitable for a laboratory or is rugged enough for plant installation. With automatic temperature and pressure compensation, the DSP4000 also includes the patented Automatic Gain Control (AGC) gives each sensor a boost to maximise the lifespan, allowing most sensors to exceed 1 million reads*.

All sensors are of rugged design and suitable for CIP and SIP processes (heat, steam, gamma) and importantly the sensors are of sanitary design, do not contain any glass probes, electrolyte solutions or electricity at the point of measurement making them the safest option for critical beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical or medial applications.

Sensors can be installed in static or inline processes via stainless steel probes or flanges or measurements can be read through clear materials such as glass utilising the iDOT Peel & Stick sensor technology.

*Sensor life is dependent on process conditions.

Polestar DSP-4000 features & accessories

Watch this video for a quick overview of the features and accessories of the Polestar DSP-4000. If you require further information, please download the Product Information Sheet or contact us for further details.

User terminals

ACM Term.100

Economy display and calibration unit.

Graphic display with recording demonstration.

Self-explanatory operation by symbol buttons.

Unlimited number of products to be set up.

Various limits and alarms including hysteresis freely editable.

Up to 5 ACM or other measurement units connectable.

Alarm and 4-20 mA outputs on demand.

Control optional by PROFIBUS DP.

Standard firmware versions for drink application and brewery application.


ACM Term.200

Comfort user terminal based on industrial PC technology, incl. software ACM QUATROL.50.

Up to 5 sensors attachable.

Unlimited number of flavours settable.

Several alarm and recorder outlets.

User-friendly colour touch screen for easy handling.

Data visualisation as bar charts and recorder graphics.

Remote maintenance possibilities; LAN connection etc.

Incl. statistical data evaluation functions (CPK etc.)


Remote displays


For displaying line-relevant information and events (ACM QUATROL systems) or for individual readings, RS485 communication, latest blue mode technology.



°BRIX/DIET/CO2 etc. in large-size 16 segment LED display. For direct connection to ACM sensorics or in combination with TERM.100/ TERM.200, incl. 4-20 mA input.



Versatile large-display in new brilliant VFD-technology, SS-housing.


Monitor systems

ACM Beverage Monitor System QUATROL.50

The combination of comfort user terminal QUATROL.50 with highly accurate and robust ACM sensorics enables a continuous and efficient online production quality control. Inline or bypass mounting of ACM sensorics is possible. So far existing measuring devices can be attached.


The Softdrink Monitoring System

QUATROL.50S determines the following parameters: °BRIX, %DIET, CO2, Conductivity, pH value, Colour, Temperature, Impregnation pressure.

The open and modular system allows the integration of additional sensors, the adaptation of the software, and the connection to external PC or PLC systems. QUATROL grows with customers demand and is adaptable to each plant structure. The system is installed by one of two options: Bypass — the components are mounted on a measuring rack, incl. sampling pump, the sensors are connected to the product pipe by a 3/8″ stainless steel flexible tube; and, Inline — the sensors are mounted in the main pipe by an inline adapter. All measuring signals are determined, calculated and recorded by a micro computer system.

Maintenance-free inline/online measuring technology for all applications in the softdrink industry.

Very easy operating by touch screen.

Comfortable product memory, freely configurable products.

Fully automatic process-monitoring, alarm setting and switch-off options.

Various data interfaces for external data transfer.

Automatic quality control, DIN/ISO 900ff conformity.

Compact and robust design of the ACM sensors.

CO2 independent °BRIX measurement.

Optional connection of O2, conductivity, pH, turbidity and colour sensors.

Cleaning with the cleaning of the process line (CIP).



For beer and beer mixtures production

The continuous online measurement covers by the Beer Monitoring System QUATROL.50B the following beer specific parameters: Refraction number, Density, CO2value.

The system determines fast and highly accurate the refraction number and the density of beer, from which the following beer characteristic values are calculated according to the Balling method:

Alcohol in %vol and g/l.

Original wort direct and calculated.

Extract apparent and real.

Degree of fermentation.

Energy content in cal and kJ.

The modular concept allows the installation of additional sensors, the adaption of the software and the connection of external PC or PLC systems. The QUATROL-system is adaptable to each plant structure and increases its capabilities with customers demand.



For juice and winemakers

Maintenance-free Inline/Online °BRIX, Extract and Alcohol measuring system for all applications in the juice and wine making industry.

Very easy operating via touch screen.

Comfortable product memory, freely configurable products.

Fully automatic process-survey, alarm setting and switch-off possibilities.

Various data interfaces for external data transfer.

Automatic quality control, DIN/ISO 900ff conformity.

Compact and robust configuration of the sensors.

CO2 independent in the range of +/- 0,5 g/l.

Optional connection of: CO2, O2, Conductivity, pH, Turbidity, Colour sensor.



ACM Laboratory CO2 Meter LAB.CO

For non-invasive high precision dissolved CO2 content determination in bottled beverages.

Laser technology in combination with state-of-the-art electronics and mathematics lead to a revolutionary new method for CO2 determination in bottled carbonated water, lemonade, beer, cider, sparkling wine and champagne. No destructive piercing of the packaging is required, therefore no change of the physical system.

Only ACM direct CO2 content measurement in the closed bottle provides you with the very true CO2 content of your package

No moving parts, maintenance-free.

Extremely fast, easy handling.

CO2 selective measurement.

Loss-free sample treatment.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

Measuring range: 0 - 10 Vol. / 0 - 20 g/l CO2

Accuracy: +/- 0,025 Vol. / 0,05 g/l

Reproducibility: +/- 0,01 Vol. / 0,02 g/l

Measuring time within 1 minute

Data interface for ACM process monitors incorporated


Non-destructive container pressure measurement

Now available LAB.CO PET-KEG for 5-30L polymer kegs and LAB.N2 for non-destructive measurement of container pressure. Contact us for more information


ACM Bottle Shaker LAB.SHAKE

Overhead turning device for sample preparation, guarantees balance between CO2-content in the head space and the liquid phase. Number of turns and velocity adjustable by capacitive keys.


ACM Lab Refractometer LAB.REF

For high accuracy determination of °BRIX/°mBRIX values in sugar or sugar-free beverages.

The combination of recent Peltier technology and newly developed optics enables °BRIX/°mBRIX determination in beverages sector required high precision, independently of dissolved CO2 or non-dissolved solids.

Device handling occurs conveniently via software and a standard PC.

Powerful & robust full-range desktop refractometer.

Easy-to-clean flat sampling space.

Fast determination of measuring results.

Sample degassing or CO2 compensation not necessary.

DIN/ISO/IFS complying value recording incl. detailed sample info, interface to LIMS-systems.

Measuring ranges & accuracies

Measuring range: 0 - 75 °BRIX

Accuracy: +/- 0,01 °BRIX in 0 - 30 °BRIX range res. +/- 0,02 °BRIX in 30 - 75 °BRIX range

Resolution: +/- 0,001 °BRIX

Fast and highly accurate Peltier thermos-statisation to 20 °C

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